Work-Life Balance

a day in the life

i find it interesting to learn how people generally spend their days. my partner and i have been living in tulum, mx for the past 4 months, and our weekdays have typically looked like this:

6-7am – wake up (we like to give ourselves some flexibility but generally aim to be up in this range)

7-10am – exercise: gym & swim (try to make it to 7am crossfit class, otherwise 8am or 9am. after class, hop in the pool to cool off. we like to have a nice big breakfast together)

10am-6pm – work (this may be from home, outside or in, or from a nearby hotel in town or on the beach. break for lunch at some point)

6pm-9pm – hang out + dinner (maybe eat out, maybe meet up with friends, maybe chill at home and learn about something interesting)

9pm-11pm – wind down & sleep (look at the stars, listen to a podcast episode and get ready for bed. usually asleep between 10-11pm)

weekends usually include at least one beach day with friends, and sometimes we’ll go for brunch or enjoy some musical event or day trip. we also like to balance our weekday workouts with a weekend yoga class.

how do you spend your time? do you tend toward routine, or does every day look & feel different?

— nirel

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