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we recognize the script,we’ve seen it before over and over she heads to the doorlosing sight of what she was there for execute orders,commander-in-chiefinstructions for following the control thief deeply ingrained,in the heart and the brain,mother, father, DNA all the same habits, like maggots, feed […]

let it go

hands clenched, grippingsweat drippingblood boilstripping feel furiousscaredheart and mindon overload error, errordoes not compute – pause – take a breathrelax musclesget curious wonder,is it true?how do i know?i don’tso, let it go — nirel

#34: The Power of Breath in Relationships (Poem)

#34: The Power of Breath in Relationships (Poem)

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Listen to and practice this simple poem to improve the quality of your relationships.