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#43: Tanai Milgram | Authentic Self-Expression in Relationship

#43: Tanai Milgram | Authentic Self-Expression in Relationship

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadTanai Milgram is a Women’s Intimacy and Empowerment Coach who helps women build the confidence and courage to express themselves unapologetically in their relationships. I love this woman, and I admire and appreciate the work she does to lift […]

letting go to love

lovingso that i maylet goof the needto be rightin controlfierceembracingthe unknownseeps intomy dark crevicesonce hiddenin shamenow filledwith love.

step by step

so that i may
the root
of behavior
survival mechanisms
stem from trauma
once served us
no more
now, feeling pain
trapped in body
tuning in
so that i may
let go
and be
at peace.


we recognize the script,we’ve seen it before over and over she heads to the doorlosing sight of what she was there for execute orders,commander-in-chiefinstructions for following the control thief deeply ingrained,in the heart and the brain,mother, father, DNA all the same habits, like maggots, feed […]